Saturday, April 28, 2007


Do we really want to eat meat that comes from cloned animals or the progeny of cloned animals? Do we want milk from cloned animals? Do we really want to be guinea pigs to test if the FDA is right about such cloned animals being safe to eat? You will have until May 3, 2007 to write to the FDA, your concerns about eating such animals.

So far, the FDA has said that there is not any danger in eating cloned meat and drinking milk from cloned animals, but opponents say that the FDA has used studies from two sources that would most likely benefit if FDA approval goes though. Opponents say that there is simply not enough data to make a judgement to its safety. Cloned animals could be carrying genetic markers that have been overlooked that could create health risks down the line. Plus, this could give other countries reason to block our meat and hurt our farmers.

You can write the FDA at WWW.FDA.GOV and make a comment on Docket # [Docket No. 2003N-0573]: draft animal cloning risk assessment; proposed risk management plan; draft guidance. The regulation will not require any labeling to let you choose whether or not it is from a cloned source.

Let's tell the FDA to say no to cloned food.

Carole Migdon has authored a bill in California that would be more stringent than federal laws where all meat and milk from cloned animals have to be labelled as such. A similar law has been authored in the California assembly. If the FDA allows cloned meat and milk, it is essential for accurate labelling so consumers can have the liberty to decide whether or not they want to apply the precautionary principle if the FDA refuses to.

Thanks to MMMMMMMMM for the heads up and check out his article about this whole issue.

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