Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fluffy Bunnies in Bagdad: What Bad News?

I know this may be late, but I found the whole McCain claim that you can just stroll through Bagdad as a lame attempt to bolster his support for Bush's Surge plan.

From PRWATCH.ORG Spin of the Day: Imus and the Mainstream Press, Drop in Tourism to the U.S., America's Hidden War Dead, News Stations paying for Fake News, Rebranding Russia, Wal-Mart "Threat Research", Rick Berman, NIH Consultant Conflict of Interest, U.S. Department of Interior harrassment of government scientists, Bush Recess Appointments let Industry Foxes into the Henhouse.

Just Food For Thought -- News from Alternative Press from the Right, Left, and elsewhere:

From Project Censored: Senator Feinstein's conflict of Interest in Iraq, UN Massacre in Haiti, Farmer Suicides in India, Genetically Modified Seeds: Women Take On Monsanto, US Seeks Impugnity for Farm Payments from WTO, Behind Blackwater Inc, Media Exaggerating Iran Threat?, Vulture Funds, Nafta Superhighway?, The House of Death, DEA National Security Clim Bogus in the House of Death story, Executive order expands presidential power over agencies, Repealing Habeus Corpus?, Asian Workers Traffiked to Build World Largest Embassy in Iraq?

Think Tank of the Day: The Heritage Foundation

- From Sourcewatch

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- From People For The American Way

- From Mediatransparency.org

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