Sunday, April 1, 2007

Put the Phone Down and Drive!

Yesterday, my son and husband almost got run over by a woman on a cellphone. Despite my husband yelling at her, she was oblivious and still on the phone. This call was obviously more important than the lives of my son and my husband. How am I supposed to feel about this woman? How am I supposed to feel about people who decide that other's people's safety is less important than their conversation?

In my experience if a driver is driving erratically and in an unsafe manner they are deep in conversation on the cell phone. What amazes me is I see women doing this while their kids are in the car. What is she thinking.

Being able to multi-task shouldn't be more important than other people's safety.

If I am driving and not expecting a call, I figure that is what voicemail is for. If I am driving and expecting a call, the call goes like this, "On the road, on my way/late, bye." If it is an important call that has to take awhile, I pull over and stop the car to talk. No conversation is worth another person's life.

I am old enough to remember that people multi-tasked and functioned without a cell phone. So I am not going to buy that any cell call while driving is important. If there is an emergency, pull over the car. Otherwise, it can wait.

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