Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Saying Goodbye

[The above photo is a picture of our cats Molly and Chompski. Chompski is the orange one on the right.]

We got our cat, Chompski, along with his sister, Molly, in May 1994 as five week old kittens. Their litter was abandoned in a barn in Marin County and rescued. We originally only wanted one cat and was leaning toward just getting his sister, but her orange tabby brother collapsed on top of her and looked so cute.

We named our cats after Noam Chomski and Molly Ivins, the authors we were reading at the time.

Chompski was the cat that for a long time thought he was a dog. You could throw a bottle cap down the hall and he would play fetch. Of the two cats, he would be the one who would climb on your lap and stay there. Chompski would make us sit on the edge of our chairs because he love sitting behind us. He slept at the foot of our bed, except for last night.

Over the years Chompski tended to have more bowel problems than his sister. In the past month or two he wouldn't eat or throw up what he was eating, he got very skinny. We tried medication and all kinds of different food to see what he would eat. We even tried baby food and fresh shrimp. We knew he was on the decline, but when my hubby found him this morning passed away it hit us hard.

Chompski was a good cat and we will miss him.

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