Saturday, April 21, 2007

When Will The Insanity End?

I came across this on Wonkette which labeled this as, "Hello God, It's Me, an *******." American Family Radio wants you to know that shootings have nothing to do with the mass production and easy availability of weapons to troubled people, or the persistent nature of our gun culture, the lack of mental health support, and our culture that believes that violence solves problems. Instead all these school problems have to do with the lack of God in the classroom with no prayers or bible studies (never mind that one of the school shootings happened during a prayer meeting). Abortion, condom availability, Gays, lack of spanking, and Bill Clinton's affair with Monica led to all the school shootings.

Then Huffington Post found a nugget on the Charlie Rose show with Tom Delay offering his solution:

Rose (holding up a newspaper photo of Cho Seung-Hui): The picture on the other side is the gunman at Virginia Tech. This is an old debate, and we don't have time to talk about it, but does it make you rethink guns? What he did was all legal. He went in and got a handgun, bought a handgun, was checked, had no criminal record. Went back a month later, got another gun. Do we need to do something about this?

DeLay: Yeah. We need to remove the ban of guns on the Virginia Tech campus, and allow people to defend themselves, and allow people to get concealed carry licenses. Maybe if there was one person in there that had a concealed carry license, was carrying a gun, he wouldn't have killed as many people.

Rose: So if there was a student in the classroom or a professor in the classroom that had a gun, they could have defended those students?

DeLay: That's right. Rose: Do you think that's the answer?

DeLay: That is the answer.

Rose: More guns?

DeLay: It's been proven over and over again.

Rose: More guns in the hands of students in this case, or in the professors' is the answer to--

DeLay: It has been proven as such. The criminal doesn't know that you have a gun.

Yup. Shots go off and all of the sudden you have armed freaked out students increasing the chance of friendly fire and leaving law enforcement to figure out who is the shooter in a sea of armed students. All this leads to is an arms race on school property. Yes, that is what we need! Wouldn't Jesus proclaim, "More Guns! More Ammo!"?

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