Saturday, March 3, 2007

Safe and Natural Beauty Shopping List


I get my body art quality pure henna from various places. The first place I got my henna is, where I also get my Cassia Obovata. I have also ordered morrocan henna from You can also order other varieties at and Henna Lounge. I have also found a really helpful forum for henna on hair at

Natural Beauty Supplies

I have been very happy with From Nature With Love. If you want to make your own cosmetics, this is the place.

For hair care, I get brahmi powder to use as a tea in combination with aloe gel to massage my scalp to encourage hair growth. Shikakai powder is used as a shampoo. I can also use Base: Liquid Aloe Castille Soap, Organic as a shampoo and facial cleanser. Organic jojoba can be used to massage the scalp and oil the hair, as well as moisturize my skin. Rhassoul can be used as a hair and facial masque. Kokum butter is used to repair cracked skin on feet and hands.

Then I can incorporate eggs, honey, and yogart for hair, skin, and diet. Apple cider vinegar is great as a hair wash and a base for the rhassoul clay. Teas have become a great base for my hair care products -- especially aromatic green teas!

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