Thursday, March 22, 2007

Political Drama...Reality TV...Neo-Puritanism...The Culture War...and People who need to Hug-it-out


I finally got around to seeing what all the fuss was with that faux commercial about Hillary Clinton and the old 1984 Apple Ad. Am I the first person who just has a, "YAWN!" Is that all? Are we that starved for controversy this early in the campaign that we have to dig up a lame Youtube hack video?

"You're Fired"

First it was Donald Trump who made terminating someone's potential job famous, now we have Al Gonzales and perhaps Rove and other high level White House firings of 8 federal prosecutors that are getting people up in arms. Bush supporters on Fox and on talkradio have been screaming about how Clinton fired 93 prosecutors and complain that people all upset about only 8. Of course, they fail to say that the 93 came at the beginning of Clinton's presidency when it is completely normal for all presidencies to do such housecleaning. The difference is that Bush Jr.'s administration picked a curious time fire these prosecutors, for dubious reasons, and lied about why they fired these prosecutors. Again, I think that it is not the firings that will get them in trouble, but the lies. They would have such an easier time if the copped to being an administration that is evil incarnate willing to delve in the dark arts of dirty politics. I guess there will be supoenas all around. Will we finally get these guys under oath? Oh, please. Oh, please.

If Sanjaya Stays, The Evil Doers Win

I am desperate as I watch American Idol and Sanya remains safe week after week, despite crucifying every song. Every time he sings I cringe. Now I learn Howard Stern and "Vote for the Worst" blog is campaigning to keep him in the competition. It is just wrong! Stop this madness. Some people on Myspace claim to be on a hunger strike. Of course, I am the one who proudly hasn't cast a vote in the entire six seasons of this show. I vote actual elections that mean something (smirk!). It is crazy that more Americans vote for their American Idol than vote in elections. Lordy!

Get Out Your Porn, Kids

It seems that the courts have overturned the law that would make it illegal to provide "harmful" material to minors. Of course, the government fears the worst now.

"It is not reasonable for the government to expect all parents to shoulder the burden to cut off every possible source of adult content for their children, rather than the government's addressing the problem at its source," government lawyer Peter D Keisler wrote following the four-week hearing, the Associated Press news agency reported.

It is all about being in the room while your kid is on the computer and knowing what they are doing. It is about talking to your kid's friends' parents and making sure someone is paying attention how they are using the computer. It is also about talking to your kids and telling about the values you care about. Ultimately, if you kid sees a naked woman or a naked man it isn't going to be the end of the world. As parents we need to talk to our kids about sex. It is also important to make sure your kids protect themselves from predators and scams. As parents it is our job to know what our kids are doing.

360 "HUH?" Files

[75th] Heartbreak - "All Liberal mothers, who are pregnant, should abort there babies now, to save the world from an epadimic of waterhead babies!! " Nice Guy.

Nerdman - "I am quite sure that there will be more attacks on American troops because of the Democrats election. It has shown the terrorists that their tactics work. October being the most americans killed during the war month was the "Tet Offensive" of the Iraqi campaign! Do you think it was a coincidence it was so close to the mid-term elections!" or "Some say that it is wrong to say that a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the terrorists. If that is the case then why is their only strategies "Anybody but Bush" and ALL they seem to talk about is "pulling out of Iraq." I thought we would never forget 9/11. Now it seems that most of America doesn't even know what happened."

Rachmanpianoplayer -"Outraging Liberals Is The Best Work Of Life!"

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