Monday, July 19, 2010

Plan B For The Kitchen

Math is hard. If I want the the green tile I cannot do the entire kitchen without it costing $500.00 or more materials and labor for just the tile. We can do it, but that is not what I envisioned my tile budget being. Another option is to just focus on the peninsula where the new cooktop is. We still cannot do stone for the countertops, but I can get Wilsonart Crystalline Iris with the Verde Laguna 5/8 inch tumbled marble. I have more leeway with the color when it is just the peninsula and it is a feature in the kitchen, rather than a pervasive color throughout the kitchen.

My tile budge gets cut drastically and cut the countertop budget somewhat. We can paint the entire kitchen a light green taking the terrible wallpaper off. The cabinets are being cleaned out and have this great green reed liner paper. The money we save in tile can go to electrical, lighting, painting, and shelving. When we do the major kitchen remodel, then we only have to undo just a little tile to get new counters.

It is scary how mission creep happens. We just need to focus in getting the peninsula in so we can have a new stove. I have to remember the kitchen will be a great improvement with the new peninsula and cooktop.

UPDATE: If we keep the paint color the lightest green, we are able to have the Wilsonart Crystalline Iris on both counters. The deal is that we will have the laminate backsplash and save money.

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