Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Green Kitchen

The other night I found curtains from Pottery Barn which are a linen and cotton blend. For all the accents, I am selecting Behr's Snowfall White to go with the white dishwasher, wall oven, and ceiling fan. These curtains will go over the sink and the large window on the other side of the kitchen. I like these curtains because they have the texture of linen, but still let light come in. They create a romantic airiness without being to over-the-top frilly. These curtains will soften the kitchen and give it more of a French look without going overboard.We can easily adjust how much light we want to come out by adjusting the length. This would pair nicely with white curtain rods I found at Amazon. There is also a French wall clock that will fit the theme.

So overall, I have light maple, pale greens, white, and stainless steel. Depending on which countertop I pick I will either be continuing the pale green theme with Seagrass Strand, or introducing pale blue and gold with pale green. Green is the jell of the room and the white softens it all. I can add more greens through potted herbs, kitchen rug, and trivets. Will be adding stainless steel kitchen shelving and possibly a worktable.

On Saturday Morning was able to go over my choices with a good friend, who I had helped when she needed to paint her house for sale. While I am still waiting on the Seagrass Strand countertop sample, I am getting closer to my final vision. Unless the Seagrass Strand knocks me off my feet, I will be going with the Metal Ocean. Metal Ocean is like an impressionist painting. It goes real well with the tile, stainless steel, and the wall color which is now Behr's Celery Ice.

While Spring Bud Celery Ice by Behr is a brighter, less muddy form of green than the Spring Bud.

It comes down to two possible Formica tops after ordering countless samples from both Formica and Wilsonart.

In backsplash news, I found a source on Ebay that sells a sheet of 1 inch Verde Laguna marble tile for $9.99 a 12"x12" sheet - way cheaper than the 5/8 tile I found locally. They have free shipping. This pricing makes doing a 6 inch backsplash on both counters feasible. Ordered! The Verde Laguna tile is my favorite feature and everyone I have shown it to has absolutely and universally loved it. There are so many lovely variations of green. When we impregnate and enhance the stone it will be even more beautiful. Total tile material cost: 80.00 dollars US.

So the theme of the kitchen is Green French kitchen integrating pond creatures like frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and lilipads. The theme will fit our Lenox Butterfly Meadow dishes.

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