Friday, July 16, 2010

More Kitchen Stuff

Went to The Big Orange Box to look at paint and tile and found this lovely combo to go with the Madras Indian Slate countertop. It is a way to bring in real stone without breaking the bank. It would be under $150.00 in materials to make the space more finished. Right now, we have this textured offwhite wallpaper that was not applied very well and is coming undone. My favorite part is the slate mosaic because it ties in all the colors of the laminate. Seeing the slate up-close makes me want to redo our brick fireplace with larger slate, since the colors are so awesome and would go well with the pale blue walls.

So basically I have to come up with an 8 inch tile design with these tiles. With a 8 inch design we will need less tile since I was planning for 12 inch backsplash. Hopefully I can do two rows of slate sandwiched between a Giallo Sienna (cream tile) with cream borders.

Below is an alternate backsplash that I am looking at. It is more formal and elaborate. It is amazing how the colors match up to the Madras Indian Slate. The picture doesn't do it justice. It does play up more of the blue slate. Another option is to do a combo of both the diamond pattern with the mosaic tile. I can find a thin cream tile border, then have a row of mosaic tile, large cream tile, diamond pattern, large cream tile, row of mosaic tile, and thin cream border. My preference is actually for the top one because it is so simple and unpretentious. I really, really love the color of those mosaic slate.

Would it be too much to just have the mosaic slate tile? Hmmm.

My reasoning for a tile backsplash is that it will make the laminate look less like laminate if there is no laminate backsplash. Pictures of both Autumn Indian Slate and Madras Indian Slate had a tile backsplash without the Formica backsplash. I guess that is the trick to making your Formica look little less like Formica and more like stone. We will paint the kitchen walls green, put up new shelving.

Now I am going to have to check if my contractor will help us with this.

I promise! No more after this. What is great about this plan is that allows us to update the kitchen in stages.

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