Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Favorite Flowers

If I had to do my wedding all over again, I would have had an evening wedding with all white fragrant flowers: gardenias, tuberoses, moon orchids, lily of the valley, stephanotis, brunfelsias, plumaria, Atractocarpus, Echinopsis, water lily, Magnolias, jasmine, Pacesetter rose, daffodils, hyacinths, white iris, white french lavender, white lotus, hydrangeas.white carnations, swan lake sweetpeas, and Casablanca lilies (!!!). There is something so elegant about white flowers on white tablecloth and place settings. Combine this with lighting from candles, white chinese lanterns, and white mini lights and it would be beautiful. On each table there could be a white quan yin statue to symbolize compassion and family love. It would still be at Stern Grove in San Francisco, because that location was absolutely beautiful. Do not get me wrong, my wedding was beautiful, romantic, and fun. The only regret was the flowers that were predominately pink and not very exceptional. The only flowers that I liked were the potted white roses, but that was my idea -- not the florists. The florist I chose was terrible as my bridal bouquet started falling apart. Later she tried to convince me that a sonya rose she used was peach rather than pink. White on white just avoids these shades of color problems and it is just more adult and classic.
I am also thinking that I could do a fragrant garden of all these flowers above, plus a moondance rose, 'Mme Legras de St Germain' rose, 'Rosa Mulliganii' , Wincester Cathedral rose,
Fair Bianca rose, Madame Hardy rose, White Buddleia "white profusion" or butterfly bush. White sage, white geraniums, white cymbidium orchids.

In our front shaded yard: Aruncus, Chelone, Dicentra, Astilbe, Gallium, Epimedium, Lamium, Tiarella, Lily of the Valley, Primula, columbine, and Viola. Also, laydown sheet and rock moss and various ferns.

It would be cool to have garden that was part moon garden, butterfly and bee garden, part fragrant garden, part fairy garden, part shade garden in mostly white flowers. I could also do my succulent garden and herb garden.

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