Friday, January 30, 2009

Thoughts on Bi-Partisanship

Here is my problem.

The American people gave the republicans and their party a chance to show us how they would run things without Democratic interference and gave their policies a chance. The republicans ran this country into the ground in the most profound way. Ever.

I do not have faith in republican philosophies. They do not work. The proof was in the pudding and in the tasting the past eight years. Why do they still feel entitled to have their policies tried again in this current stimulus bill when our president Obama had already made minor concessions to them? Republicans have not earned the right to expect more concessions. They have not earned the American people's trust.

Just look at the last 2 election cycles. America is just not that into you.

Americans have seen what republicans have done and realized you as a party and candidates are willfully incompetant. Everything republicans touched turned into such a complete cluster-fail.

On the other hand, I want to support Obama in his plan to create one America where we are not our party membership, but Americans first. I want our president to continue to be a president of all Americans even republican ones. The question is how much input from the republicans can we afford to fold in to our recovery? What qualifies republicans to say anything that the Democratic folks do is wrong? They cannot even claim that they are better protectors of the interests of taxpayers anymore as they may have been in the 1970s as they have squandered our tax dollars to ill effect.

If republicans cannot be helpful in these times, then they need to walk the political desert until they can and become a party for all Americans. Until they do, they need to suck it up, support Obama, and be thankful he stepped up to clean up their mess. For the country they claim to love's sake, they need to do everything they can to make sure he is successful.

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