Wednesday, January 21, 2009

PUMA World

In PUMA world no one exists except their own need to feed their own victim-hood. They do not care about the practical things we have to do to solve huge problems like our environment and global warming, our economy, our damaged constitution, and two horrible wars. They would rather let these problems fester and grow under a republican presidency (Mccain-Palin) than giving Obama any support whatsoever. It is already the first day and they find nothing but fault on sites like Politico and Confluence where they languish day after day. They are more critical about Obama on his first day, than they were about republicans. Go to their sites sometime and see how much negative noise and nitpicking over real discussion about real issues.

Fortunately, they are the fringe of those who say they supported Hillary Clinton and the fringe of society and a dying breed. In reality, I don't think they have any idea what Hillary or the Clinton's stand for. They just don't want to let go the victim-hood vs. this nebulous patriarchy. Even MS Magazine they see as now serving the Patriarchy. NUTS! They do not even attack women's issues in a very coherent or in a very effective way. They couldn't even get it together to win a silly blog award -- how will they get anything accomplished?

Fortunately, most of us live in a reality-based world in which we understand the tough decisions that need to be made to make progress on important issues that will effect our children. We are the ones who created the most successful political movement in modern times and they are not.

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