Sunday, January 11, 2009

Silver Linings of Blogwars

War is hell.

The Blogwars of 09 will probably be overshadowed by two wars, the economy tanking and our impending lives as hobo wanderers, the Middle East crisis, the rising seas and the coming famines, and the premier of American Idol. Of course, we will all be saved by the UBER-FEMINIST Barack H. Obama, while PUMAs gently, but bitterly weep into their cat's fur. Even though these battles and the results of the 2008 Weblog Awards will quickly and unceremoniously be thrown under the bus for more important things, it is still worth waging till the polls close this Tuesday, when Obama will become the 44th President amongst much Puma wailing.

The happy thing is that through this I discovered some really great blogs along with terrible ones (I am looking at you clownloving PUMAs!)

Are you tired of cutesy websites or family and friends who send you cute animal photos. Do you wish to be delivered from being force fed cute? Tough luck. There will always be cutesy websites and emils with baby seals hugging or dogs licking cats. Hopefully, there will always be F*ck you, Penguin!. It is therapy and it is free. You are welcome.

During the battle, I learned of a blog that was not originally in a targeted category, "Pharygula" for Best Science Blog. I heart this blog because it talks about a subject close to my heart...the attack on science by the creationists, who are prodded on by energy and tobacco interests who benefit from undermining trust in science. It is always nice to trip onto one of the "Good Guys".

My friends at Wonkette asked me to vote for the Pajama Pundit for Best Hidden Gem. I may not agree with him or the blog always, but they seem to be reasonable. I am intrigued. Because of Wonkette, I found out about Blue Gal, who is my most favorite find and my nominee for the classiest of all who were nominated. Blue Gal should win Best Liberal Blog, but the PUMAs messed with the wrong people. I vote for Driftglass, because SHE told me to.

I will check out some other blogs that were nominated later. Now I will suggest some I like that were not nominated because they are either regional blogs or blogs that are hard to classify.

Marin Real Estate Bubble Blog and his Marin POS blog has been my favorites for awhile. Marinite is one of the many excellent Bubble bloggers who were sounding the alarms as early as 2005 as to the overinflation of housing prices. I watched as a lot of the local real estate guys would laugh and say that we were all doomsayers. Well, dine on your hats ladies and gents.

The Daily Bastardette, this blog is written by Marley Greiner, who was the grandmother of Bastard Nation, an activist group I worked for in the 1990s. I love her grasp of history and the politics of Bastardy and Adoptee rights, but I do not necessarily agree with her stance on baby dumps or adoption as a concept.

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