Monday, February 19, 2007

Re-Education Friday, Comrade!

Did you know that Wikipedia hates Jesus and America? Did you know if you use or read spellings of the British Isles, you are anti-American? Not using A.D. is a rejection of Christ? You would think that the defenders of Christ and America would not have such a slow server. How else are we to get all these truthy-like morsels?

Language alert! Intelligent design is morphing to Origins Science. Take note, comrades!

The FDA approves of a vaccine to protect young girls from getting the virus that causes cervical cancer. Focus on the Family argues against blanket availability to girls because they believe that abstinence is the best way to avoid the HPV and STDs. Who cares if studies show that abstinence education at best delays sexual behavior by 18 months and then when those kids do have sex they have unprotected sex.

If you read The Austrailian article on this story, they appear to speculate from this incident that early women may have invented weapons. Of course, you would have to be anti-God and believe that we evolved from primates to even go there. Me, I think the chimps just watch too much violent teevee.

Anna Nicole Smith -- isn't it just time to let the poor girl rest in peace? We turn on FoxNews for my dad and it is wall-to-wall Anna Nicole. Gee, there are people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, global warming, Nuclear proliferation issues, and all sorts of really pressing issues -- so glad FoxNews has its priorities straight.

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