Friday, February 2, 2007

Maven Poem: Hideous Unattainable

The coats marked my body
gouging out the curves
Morphing my form
void of individuality
Struggle for perfection
breeds grotesque
Dig past my sutures
that hold me together
to gag up
urges of unique being
Can't speak
My thoughts
stitch up sagging breasts
maternal belly that gave life
by tugs of flesh
Gaping wounds see through me
One eye remains to take in
the warmth of acceptance
my assimilation and others' envy
That remain unattainable

Blogging for Charity is hosting a literature challenge every week. Bloggers contribute their offerings and readers vote for their favourite. The most popular will decide where charity funds will go. This week the challenge was to write a poem that was inspired by a posted picture.

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