Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama-rama: The Speech

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Primary Schmimary Part Deux

I am happy Hillary pulled off a win last night in New Hampshire. This is not because I am a big supporter, but because I wanted to humble the mainstream media for unfairly manipulating the race. I am not sure if humbling is possible, but at least it pops the bubble and forces all candidates to not get giddy with confidence. My feelings stem from an annoyance of so-called front-runners because they tend to feel confident enough to not show up to debates or not do any real campaigning to earn votes. I want all the candidates to feel that it is not over until its over.

I want an open campaign on Super Tuesday. I want them to earn my vote.

My greatest ire is over the media. Olbermann, who has been a hero in my book for his commentary over the years has disappointed me for jumping into the Obama-love-fest manipulation. He and the rest of the media stooges said it was all over for Hillary before 99 percent of Americans even voted. You guys don't get to decide that, we get to decide who is going to be president. I am thinking that New Hampshire voters were making this point last night more than it was a statement about any of the candidates. If the media keeps doing this to Hillary, I may even start working for her -- just to spite them all.

It will be cool if Edwards wins South Carolina. Then everyone enters California without any sense of mandate.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Primary Schmimary

Following the Ohio and New Hampshire primaries has gotten me in an unexpected funk. It is not a new phenomenom that the press becomes kingmakers and breakers for ratings, but this year it seems more pronounced. For months now, the media has built up Clinton as some sort of unassailable front-runner without her being tested in one primary. She fails to get second place by a percentage point and her campaign is on morphine drip. Any slight show of composed emotion is seen as a weakness for those who have always disliked her to judge her unfit. Any argument that Obama is not the most experienced or as sparkly as the media makes him out to be is characterized as desperation.

Obama isn't as great as the media makes him out to be and eventually the media will go after him as inexperienced and too young to be president -- especially if they succeed in knocking Clinton out of the race. If the media doesn't do it the republicans will. Obama may want to reach across the aisle and start a bipartisan revolution, but republicans will go for the throat and will do the street fighting they have proven themselves capable of. They play nasty on their own people (ie McCain in 2000 in SC), so dems have no chance.

I don't dislike Obama and I am not very thrilled about Clinton. My feeling is that any democrat is better than Bush and any republican out there. We need a democratic president to appoint Supreme Court justices who will preserve Greenwald vs. Connecticut and Roe vs. Wade. I believe that the media wants a republican or is on a druggie-trip of the Obama-charisma. Obama would be better suited in peace-time or after more time being groomed for the role. I thought that Dodd or Biden were far better choices, but they were not given a chance. Where the hell is Gore? We need Gore Stat.

So everyone! Wake up! You are being manipulated by the media. Turn the television off. Take a deep breath. Think about what qualities are needed for president. Who has the qualifications to be a world leader and deal with the economy.

Think about it. The Clintons oversaw the greatest peacetime economic expansion in history after a tough recession. We are moving into a recession.

My birthdad is a republican, but he is voting for Clinton because of Bill Clinton. Under Bill Clinton a lot of people made a lot of money. It was a broad prosperity that reached many people.

This illogical fanatism over Obama and reports of people crying at his rallies just worries me.
Hillary is right that Obama isn't another JFK, because JFK had far more accomplishments by the time he was running for president and if we are really honest his presidential record was mediocre. JFK died young elevated his record far more than what was his real record. He is sort of a democratic version of Bush with intellectual curiosity. I am not sure we want another president that lacks experience.

I want an african-american president. I want a person of color as president. I worked for the Mondale-Ferraro campaign in 1984 because I was ready to have a woman being a heartbeat away from the presidency -- not because I was excited by Mondale. Yet, I do not want just any person of color or woman for the sake of having a person of color or a woman -- otherwise why not elect Condolesa Rice? The content of character and skill sets that I look for.