Friday, February 8, 2008

What's Up Hillary?

As people who have read my blog know, I have stuck up for Hillary when she deserved it and I have defended the Clintons on numerous occasions. I am also 100% pro-reproductive rights without exception. A few weeks ago I was hesitant about Obama because I heard that he was weak on reproductive rights. This would definitely be a deal breaker if this were true. I did some research and found that he had a 100% rating with NARAL, and had a great record with reproductive and women's health issues. This was very disappointing to me and I think that it can contribute to the claim (fair or not) that she will say anything to get elected.
I might have to say that this was the beginning of the end to my support for Hillary's campaign since it got me to really research Obama and not really trust what was coming out of her camp.

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