Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never The Twain Shall Meet: Cheney and the Truth

It is not that Cheney wouldn't know the truth if it mistook him for a turkey (or a lawyer) in a turkey shoot. Cheney has a blatant disdain for the truth. Truth is to Cheney as water was to the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz. It would melt the latex off his cyborgian skeletal structure.

So the news today is that Cheney was trying to work his evil mojo over at Wolf Blitzer's place. He claims that talk of blunders in Iraq and/or lack of credibility are "Hogwash." He also goes on to say in regards to a Congressional resolution in opposition to the escalation of the war "It won't stop us." (How so very cyborg-like, Dick. It is nice to know how much you listen to the people's representatives)

Then he says that the bottom line is that they have had "enormous successes" in regards to Iraq. Yeah, that is why the American people booted the republicans out last November because you guys were having enormous successes. Then he says he thinks Rumsfeld did a "superb job."

Dick, can we talk? You have a credibility problem. Do you know why? You have been caught in so many lies they could fill volumes. I don't know anyone outside you, Bush, and your inner circle who would be able to say with a straight face that Rumsfeld did a "superb job"

The conventional wisdom and truth is that Rumsfeld was an incompetent bungler, who you didn't have the balls to fire until after your party got run out of town.

Dick you can go on trying to make the press, the democratic party, and all those who are against your plan on Iraq as wanting us to fail, be quitters, or any number of other ways to suggest your critics want to undermine the country or the troops. If we "fail" or have to pull out in a humiliating matter with all the consequences you claim will happen it will be solely your fault and the fault of the Bush administration and the republican party. It is not the troops that will fail, because they are courageous professionals, but you and George Bush who will be failures. It is this Administration who dragged us in under false pretense and then went on to bungle the operation and misuse our men and women in the Armed Forces. You cannot blame the democrats (ok, you can blame Lieberman) or any of your critics for your failures.

Truth, this is Dick.

Dick, this is Truth.

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