Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Humpday Newsday

Right now I am recovering from pain in my shoulder from playing Wii tennis. It is a trip to have a sports injury playing a video game.

Today's newsflash: John Kerry is NOT running for President...Oh, thank God! Obama declares "I won't be swift-boated" in regards to his alleged radical islamic education in Indonesia at an early age according to Fox News. It turns out that he was raised in a secular household and these rumors are just political mudslinging. Next!

Gore/Obama, Gore/Edwards, Gore/Clark -- do you see where I am going here? Gore won once, get him a good running mate for once. Stop the Lieberman crap.

About the above graphic...there is a lot of talk about Jim Webb being too harsh in his response. One of the things he brought up is rebuilding New Orleans, which was mysteriously absent from the State of the Nation speech. Republicans talk about compassionate conservatism, but there is nothing compassionate about them. I wasn't around on 360 when Katrina hit. It made me sick, frustrated, embarrassed, and mournful. Then that turned to anger, how Americans were reduced to the status of mere "refugees" and how neighboring counties kept them from escaping with armed police, while republicans were disparaging people for not getting out of there.

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