Saturday, September 30, 2006

Maven's Yahoo! FAQ! (or Yes, I am REALLY married)

A FAQ from actual instant messages!

1. Are you single?

No. I am a married woman. That means I am unavailable, off-the-market, and completely disinterested in anybody else but my husband. Did I tell you I was married?

2. Are you bi-sexual?

No. I am absolutely heterosexual, even though I sorta get the attraction to Angelina Jolie. I am a heterosexual who fervently supports equal rights and compassion for those who are gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual.

3. Are you into transsexuals/transgender?

No, but I do believe in equal rights and compassion towards those who a transsexuals and the transgendered.

4. Do you have a webcam?

Yes, but I only do so with family and real life friends. Often it is just a matter of trying to dig it up from under my desk amongst wires.

5. Will you accept my invitation to be a friend?

First, it would be nice to introduce yourself to me first rather than lock me into having to accept or deny your invite without knowing who you are or why you want to invite me. It puts me into a terrible spot. I just wish people would be more polite.

/rant on
It is really nice that people say nice things about the photos and I do appreciate compliments. They do make my day, but what IS up with all the personal questions? Is instant messaging just an invitation for instant intimacy? What is wrong with just talking about politics, culture, parenting, religion, or just being friendly without lurid intent? I am just old fashioned or what?

I know people are just searching for love and intimacy online, and I do have compassion for people who are lonely and reaching out. I just wish I didn't have to feel like when I log on I am logging onto a singles bar.

/rant off

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