Sunday, September 10, 2006

Entry for September 10, 2006

Haven't been doing much since I have had a head cold that has travelled to my chest and gave me a nasty cough. Then yesterday I had my stomach revolt. I am feeling a little better despite my awful cough and lingering cold.

I am imposing a news media blackout because I really do not want to relive the events of 9/11. I chose not to watch United 93 or World Trade Center for the same reason. It is just too sad. We collectively watched 3000 people die in one terrible morning and watched countless others have to live the agony that their loved one will never come back. We don't have to relive it to remind ourselves of that day or pay tribute to the dead. We will put out our flag in honor of the fallen -- something simple and dignified.

As terrible as 9/11 was, I had read the report the bipartisan commission headed by Gary Hart had put out about the terror threat. Neither political party did anything about it because the republicans were to busy to be on a witch hunt and didn't think terrorism was important enough. So for all the finger pointing the republicans are doing about Clinton being too distracted by scandal to do anything, they need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for starting the distraction and making the witch hunt more important than national security. Btw, this was a witch hunt the super majority of citizens didn't want to happen in the first place as evidenced by alot of republicans who took the leadership position in the impeachment were turned out of office.

It makes me angry that the Bush Administration squandered all the good will around the world by invading Iraq and decided that was more important than getting the people who attacked us. They missed an historic opportunity to get the world on board to work together against terrorism.

As terrible as 9/11 was the Indian Ocean Tsunami got to me most since it was so off the chart and so unexpected leading to 230,000 dead and 43,000 missing. I knew someone who died that day and knew people who survived it. It was an enormous human tragedy that tore my heart out. Boxing Day forever makes me sad.

I feel the same way about Katrina, but with a whole ball of anger associated with it. We are supposedly the most advanced and wealthy country in the world and we let our fellow Americans down.

I wish all my friends peace, love, and security. Be well.

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