Sunday, November 21, 2010

Poetry: Carnal Cerebral Love

Carnal Cerebral Love
I want to make love to your mind
Stimulate me with your intellect, your insight and understanding.
Ignite me with random connections and your clever wit.
Carnal Cerebral Love
I want to make love to your inner being.
Allow me to delight in your orgasmic, dynamic mind.
Open up and invite me into the deep warmth of your soul.
Carnal Cerebral Love
Let our synapses dance entangle and connect at the same plateau.
Complete each other’s sentences, not our lives.
Carnal Cerebral Love, Our physical being
Our external egos decay daily and by the moment only our inner selves
Denise Castellucci 

This is a poem I wrote and eventually used in my wedding in 1995 in Stern Grove in San Francisco. It would be fabulous for me to say that I wrote this for my husband, but alas I wrote this when I was single and was inspired to write poetry. It was an aspirational poem. Most of my adult life I have been attracted to very intelligent men with a keen sense of humor. This means that men I dated had a charisma that came from unconventional sources. The body is so temporal, temporary -- like a butter or sand painting -- it melts or blows away with the elements and time. The soul, the mind, the heart is forever. Both subjects of sonnets from the 1500s live on today as I read them to my son.

Since I wrote that poem and read it at my wedding, I have seen it published in various online wedding vow guides including "Wedding Ceremonies Galore" and is used by various officiants. I have seen it blogged by a woman who is processing heartbreak. It surprises me how viral it got as Reading no. 29 or no. 30. I am curious how many couples actually use it. It has been around the Internet since 1996, but I wrote it around 1991. 

I guess I am a published poet. 

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