Friday, October 22, 2010

I Got Dreams Part. 1

Once I had a sexy dream about Robert Reich. It surprised me only because as it came from out of the blue. It turns out NPR was playing his speech at The Commonwealth Club. It is not unusual that I dream the news on NPR. During the Persian Gulf War I had a dream that I was on a beach where troops were invading and I turned into a spider who could write in Arabic. Don't know what to make of that dream.

This sexy dream was a good dream and rarely do I have them. Occasionally, my ex-boyfriends will visit but they are normally awkward rather than sexy.

There is something very sexy about Reich. I know he is around 4'11" but I do not care. He is an attractive, smart  economist. I thought he was great when he was our Labor Secretary under Clinton.

Of course, we are both happily married and there is no way anything would happen. He has only visited my dreams once and that was all I needed. Thanks for the memories, Robert.

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