Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Uku-Licious Baby

At the end of April I bought myself a Kala Tenor Ukulele (KA-TEM) at a local music store. This uke stood out with its beautiful grain patterns and when i plucked it the sound was warm and full. It was on sale for $124.00 so I took it home. Almost immediately I printed out songs from the internet and went about learning songs and building callouses. For the longest time I longed to play an instrument and the uke is small enough for my short fingers. When I get into the groove of a song it is such a high for me. I am still a year or two away from really being able to perform anything. At this point I have to get my friends drunk before I play for them. So when I bring my uke, I also bring a bottle of booze.

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