Wednesday, February 18, 2009

While We Are Waiting for the Sexy ASUS 1000e...

So I am still waiting for my Blue Object of Desire. The swirl of rumors just drove me crazy, so I took matters into my own hands and contacted representatives directly. Due to a shortage of chips, the 1000he will be relatively scarce and those of us who pre-ordered are left wondering if we made it under the wire.

It turns out the Blue model of the ASUS 1000HE did not go out with the first release of the model. There was a bunch of black models that shipped 2/10 to e-tailers and was causing a ruckus. Rightfully so. If you get into a line for a pre-order, you expect that the first batch of units be reserved for pre-orders and not folks who are willing to pay more. It is capitalism, but it irks people.

If you go to the Amazon website, you will notice that the Blue model is still on pre-order and the Black model says that it ships 2-3 weeks and indicates that it is no longer on pre-order. I am not sure what that means except that the Blue's release had been delayed.

The rep from Asus told me that blues should go out to e-tailers this week (2/17), so they might ship out to customers next week, but someone on the Facebook board said that Amazon is expecting a shipment on the 23rd. The Asus rep said that Amazon is getting the largest amount of units -- receiving "15 times more than other etailers". Someone figured out that since J&R announced a shipment of 300, 15 times 300 would be 4500, which may or may not cover all of the pre-orders.

It is like reading tea leaves over there. Various people are posting their order dates, color machine, and whether or not they have gotten email from Amazon.

I ordered on February 14th and we have received no email updates so far. Some are getting messages like, "Shipping Soon" to "Estimated arrival date: 03/09/2009 - 03/12/2009". One guy who ordered black found out it is shipping tomorrow. It seems as random as a lottery. Who will the Asus gods judge worthy to bestow an actual completed order?

While we wait why not have some 1000HE Porn? I don't know about you, but I can play this unveiling of a 1000HE over and over. More sexy video here and here.

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