Monday, December 24, 2007

Buy Everything

I haven't been around lately because I have been working at an undisclosed mid-to-upper tier retail establishment as Christmas help. The fact that my job is not only to enable consumption, but to make you consume more has challenged my values. I know consumption leads to container ships crashing into bridges and killing wildlife. I know consumption fills up landfills, off-gasses, and leads to a cycle of debt that threatens the health of our economy. I comfort myself with the notion that is only a month and while I work there I can help people think through their purchases.

The ironic thing is that as much as I hate consumerism I am very good at convincing people to buy stuff. It scares and facinates me. I think that I am good at it because I am honestly interested in helping people and I like the stuff I am selling (stemware, flatware, china, crystal, christmas stuff, and homewares). I like pretty, shiny stuff and that comes across as an endorsement that they should buy it. Yet, it makes me feel guilty.

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Soumyanath said...


It is OK to buy what ever you like as long as you do not buy your values.

Unfortunately, most of us trade our values for cash. Resulting in frustration, an empty feeling that fuels more buying and results in the journey to the spiritual abyss.