Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore for 2008

Despite the qualifications and positive attributes of the current Democratic candidates for President, there is only one American alive today who deserves to be president -- Al Gore.

Al Gore has won the presidency before in 2000, and would be our president if the Supreme Court hadn't betrayed their state's rights agenda to halt a fair count in Florida. Our country would have had the benefit of a man of intellect and good judgment to handle all of the challenges in the past 8 years and our country would have been in a better place. We would have found a better way to deal with Iraq and wouldn't have gotten trapped in this endless quagmire.

Al Gore has just won a Nobel Peace Prize and is internationally respected around the world. His top priorities are where they should be -- toward dealing with Global Warming. When the sea levels rise, Islamofacist terrorist cells will be the least of our problems. When the climate fundamentally changes where agriculture can take place or where water supplies are, the lack of democracy in the Middle East or the presence of Gay Marriage will seem petty. I want a president who believes that global warming is the most important thing to deal with, and Gore has proved that he is willing to go the extra mile to make change to prevent or at least soften the effects of global warming.

We need a president who has the respect and good will of the entire world to motivate other countries to help our country to solve problems. Gore is uniquely placed to completely turn our global reputation around. We need a president that can argue persuasively that all humanity must drop what they are doing and address global warming which will profoundly effect every political party, religion, and every socio-economic level on this planet.

I would love to see every democratic candidate to realize that Al Gore is the best person to be president and turn over their campaign war chests to help him get elected. It would require a miracle for this to happen.

Given the current line up of republicans, I will be voting for anyone who gets the democratic nomination. The only candidate that I would get excited by and actually work for is Al Gore. I would support a Gore-Obama, Gore-Clinton, Gore-Edwards, or Gore-Kucinich ticket.

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