Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rumors, Insinuations, and the Ridiculously Guilty or Castro, Clinton, and Canine Cruelty

My husband was playing World of Warcraft when he asked me to check CNN, because someone online said that Castro was dead. There was nothing on CNN, MSNBC, or the BBC. So I dug deeper to Wonkette who was making fun of the guy , who normally blogs about celebrities and supposedly broke the Story. Since these stories suggested that the State of Florida was making plans, I checked the local media which noted the buzz in the air, but seemed to remain doubtful of the rumors. Not being a Cuban-American, I have never got the whole anti-Castro thing. I am occasionally fascinated how cigar-smoking Fidel has been able to hold onto power and stay alive so long. Despite numerous attempts to overthrow him and assassinate him, he keeps on going like the energizer bunny. I guess I don't get too excited either way because I doubt that bringing capitalism along with Starbucks and Walmart to Cuba is going to improve things there.

It appears that Hillary has made quite a stir suggesting that a terrorist attack would benefit the republicans during this election. Everyone is SHOCKED! I don't know why everyone is so shocked since there are countless examples how republicans have milked the whole 9/11 tragedy for every ounce of political advantage during these six horrible years. Just recently they have advertisements that try to link the severely botched quagmire that is Iraq with the 9/11 attack. While I can see the reasoning that another attack may help the republicans, I am also thinking that it may hurt them. For all these years this war in Iraq has been waged, Bush and his cronies have claimed that the reason we haven't been attacked here is because we are fighting Al Queda in its entirety there. If we are attacked while we are still in Iraq and during The Surge, it would completely crumble that world view. Even without an attack, you can argue that Al Queda waited 8 years between attacks on the World Trade Center and Al Queda cells have been busy attacking our allies Britain and Spain during this time. One wonders if part of the anger of the native insurgency in Iraq towards American troops is having their own country turned into a front line battlefield between the US and Al Queda.

Ridiculously Guilty

Hazzah to the NFL for indefinitely suspended for funding a dogfighting and gambling operation. Vick deserves to be kicked out of the NFL and sent to prison. Here is a guy who is making a spectacular living and he uses that privilege to support brutality of animals for sport. What kind of person thinks that having dogs rip each other apart is entertainment?

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