Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wedding Maven

For the longest time I have been interested in helping people plan weddings and events. I especially love working with color and creating an overall experience. My ideas for wedding range from the casual eco-weddings to the most formal and fancy. My current fancy for decorating at events is monochromatic: white on white, red on red, cream on cream, green on green. You can do variations on the color and add a subtle metallic accent like silver, gold, rhinestone, copper, platinum, pewter, etc.

Another interesting subtopic is eco-weddings complete with more casual hemp wedding attire or more formal hemp/silk gowns, or conscious clothing. Check out for more information. In keeping with my promotion of Marin County business, there is a high end ($8 per person high end) vegan wedding cake designer, Hannah's edible art, that really does make works of art. You can also get green invites or make your own at Green Field Paper Company , recycled organic paper, and twisted limb paperworks. You can order organic flowers from and organic flowers and Meyer lemons from Fairfax Fresh in Fairfax, California. There is an organic caterer in Berkeley, California called Back to Earth. In Portland, Oregon there is Zen Catering and Artemis Foods. In the San Luis Obispo area of California there is Affaire L'Amour. There is , which serves most Southern California, but also serves the San Francicsco Bay. There is Ferrari Catering and Event Planning in Inverness, Calfornia (415-669-7285, which specializes in local produce of Marin County.

Serving the East Bay, Marin, Peninsula, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Wine Country is Aimee Alan, who is another organic caterer. More organic caterer links:

Then you can check out eco-friendly wedding favors at, and get your rings at, or you may opt for wooden rings. Want to register for green products like organic sheets and towels? Register at Plan your wedding at Mendocino's Brewery Gulch Inn.

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